About the builder

Sam Cohen, Builder and Owner of Joey Corporation

Sam has been involved in the building business since 1978. Starting as a carpenter’s helper in new construction, he worked on some of the finest homes in the Tidewater area. Sam Cohen of Joey Corporation worked for a builder, who is now retired, that taught him from the ground up every aspect of new construction. He was part of a team that dug the foundations with shovels, framed, roofed, corniced, and did all the interior trim work. They did everything that a carpenter could do. He was transformed into a master carpenter. He takes pride in the construction education he received.

Going Into Business In 1984, with the support and encouragement of his employer, he went into business for himself. With this foundation in construction and physically being involved in each phase, Sam has an edge in the building business. His attention to detail and craftsmanship is unmatched in the industry. He places his signature on each home he builds. It is not often that you find a builder who is a carpenter or craftsman, as well as a contractor. Sam is very creative and has a knack for changing the ordinary into a masterpiece. The level of detail begins with the foundation work to the final phase.

Sam spent several years building his reputation as a trim carpenter and then as a builder. Still working in his homes on the mantels, bookcases, stairways and woodwork, he enjoys placing his fingerprints on each home.

Sam continues to serve on the Board of the Tidewater Builders Association. He is a Past President (2012), as well as “Member of the Year” twice (2013, 2017). Sam was awarded the coveted invitation into the Tidewater Builders Association “Hall of Fame” in 2016. He continues to serve as “Homearama” Chairman for the “HOMEARAMA” HOME SHOW.

For further information, please contact us at joeycorp@cox.net.